Certified Organization


International Project Management Association's Certification Model - IPMA Delta - is the most comprehensive assessment of companies in terms of project management: 360 ° perspective - 100% independent - step forward.

Advantage of certification for companies

• International recognition and increase in awareness on local and international markets
• Competitiveness growth (in terms of increase in efficiency in one and the same way with other certificates - certification)
• Effective Project Management (as a result of the growth of certification prior to certification).
• Reduce projects cost

As a result, the company receives an internationally recognized IPMA Delta Certificate for 3 years and international consultants' recommendations for improving project management methods.

Certificates are certified by IPMA assemblers. Certification is carried out with GPMA assistance, accordingly working languages are Georgian, Russian or English.
Certification is carried out by IPMA official standards: IPMA Competence Baseline, IPMA Project Excellence Model and IPMA Organizational Competence Baseline.

Certification aims and objectives

• Define project management systems according to the standard in the organization
• Identify the strong and improved (weak) cooks of the organization
• Determine strategic goals and set ways to achieve them
• Internal Comparative Analysis - Which components are the best and why?
• External Comparative Analysis - Who Is the Best, We Are Competitors, and Why?
For more information please write: ipmageo@gmail.com
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